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Is your thermostat actively working to conserve energy and reduce utility bills? Is the control adding convenience, catering to your needs, and ensuring comfort? Is it a benefit to the care and operation of your essential cooling, heating, and air quality systems? If not, it’s time for an upgrade. Today’s generation of WiFi and smart models are an asset to the home, budget, and everyday life.

WiFi & Smart Thermostat Installations

Find out about the leading technology in thermostats by getting in touch with the professionals from Shoreline Air Conditioning. We’re up on all the major makes, models, and innovative features and are happy to help determine the right fit for you. Available in different shapes with touchscreen interfaces, customizable displays, and user-friendly programming, WiFi and smart thermostats provide access from virtually anywhere. A tap of your finger on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop offers the ability to monitor or make adjustments.

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There are some really exciting options in modern thermostats. Energy tracking, voice commands, maintenance alerts, and displays that light up as you approach are just the start. There are models that use GPS to locate your phone and react accordingly. Others learn your preferences and schedule. Some use occupancy sensors. All of them streamline temperature control to get more out of your energy dollar. With thermostat recommendations, installation, maintenance, and repairs, Shoreline Air Conditioning makes improvements across Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Riviera Beach, Wellington, and Lake Worth, FL. 

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